My Own Little World

by Alicia Lynch

In my own little world I see

Everything my imagination conjures up for me

Massive winged lions and an enchanted forest

With much imagination to spare, of only the purest

An archer sets her sights on her mystical prey

Her heart knows the forest is where she will stay

Powers the real world has never known

Cities inspired by ancient Rome

Nymphs and faeries of every kind

A mesmerising sun seen even by the blind

A deep, dark ocean as far as the eye can see

What wonders in these waters have been set free?

A silver mermaid by sea, a silver goddess by land

Creatures in these depths beyond the mind of man

Skies filled with castles in the clouds

Built for the royal families, standing proud

Protected by the enchanted warrior women

The light in their hearts shining like the tails of mermen

Beautiful bows silver and narrow

Launching mystical sacred arrows

Dark lands never looked upon by human eyes

Where creatures in the night yawn and arise

You may wonder, who is the creator of this world?

The person from whose mind this land has unfurled?

It is but little, quiet me

The queen of my own little world

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