What do bubbles know of the shining stars?

What do bubbles know of the shining stars?

The whole wide sky they both reside in

And though the distance between them is far

The bubble still floats upward with chagrin

Longing consumes the bubble’s thoughts

For an eternal niche in the sparkling universe

Not left to roam as an invisible dot

Defined by its lonesome wandering curse

The curse which makes the fragile bubble pop

When touched by any curious being

Yet the bubble doesn’t want it to leave or stop

It’s own shining companions fleeing

But if a bubble truly knew the life of a distant star,

They would understand how akin bubbles and stars really are.


A bead of sweat rolls down her temple,
Concentration is vital as she aims with her silver eyes,
And the gentle but deadly weapon,
known in her world as the inflecto quod telum,
or bow and arrow.
The only sounds heard are the gentle wind,
Tousling her long silky turquoise hair,
And the fast beating of her heart.
She pulls back just a few inches more,
Getting ready for the kill of her life,
The kiss of death that will seal her eternal immortality.
The prey gently grazes in the emerald green grass,
on the bank of the waterfall fountain of veneficus, or magic.
The long swirling and sparkling ivory horn,
Bowed down to the earth.
The wind gently brushing the snow white mane,
And long tail sprinkled with small braids.
The final moment, she gets ready to release,
Suddenly, a shadow flashes behind the creature,
The creature is startled, and begins to gallop,
Towards the cave over which the waterfall curtains.
She isn’t surprised it evaded her yet again, but refuses to give up.
Without lowering her bow she runs towards the creature.
She needs to catch it before it is gone,
To the world into which she cannot go,
The world of the enchanted.
She only has a few moments, so she aims and releases.
She hears the sound of the pointed arrow hit,
And she hears a loud screeching neigh.
She runs towards the sound,
and finds the arrow wedged into a nearby tree,
Pinned to the tree,
a few strands of snow white hair.
Once again she has failed to kill the creature,
The most enchanted creature of all time,
The innocent creature said to heal the goodhearted,
And said to give immortality to the evilhearted,
Who dares to kill the most powerful yet innocent creature,
Known to all living things as,
The Unicorn.
The girl with the turquoise-hair realizes,
After all these years of pursuing,
As she pulls the arrow and thin white strands from the tree,
That a creature of such power should not be destroyed.
She is ashamed of what she has almost achieved,
and gently bows her head towards the cave.
She whispers, “Ego sum rumex, enchanted unus”
Or, “I am sorry, enchanted one.”
As she begins to leave the forest,
It strikes her,
What was the shadow that startled it?
Out of the corner of her eye she sees a shadow quickly disappear.
It looked as if it was dark figure of an older woman,
With silver eyes and graying turquoise hair.

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