by Alicia Lynch

A bead of sweat rolls down her temple

Concentration is vital as she aims the deadly inflecto quod telum

Bow and arrow

With her silver eyes

The only sounds heard are the wind

Tousling her long turquoise hair

And the beating of her heart

She pulls back a few inches more

Getting ready for the kill of her life

The kiss of death that will seal her eternal immortality

The prey grazes in the emerald grass

on the bank of the waterfall fountain of veneficus


The swirling ivory horn

Bowed down to the earth

The wind kisses the white mane

And tail sprinkled with braids

The crucial moment has come

She gets ready to release

Suddenly, a shadow flashes behind the creature

It is startled, and begins to gallop

Towards the cave over which the waterfall curtains

She isn’t surprised it evaded her yet again

But refuses to give up

Without lowering her bow she runs towards it

She must catch it before it is gone

To the world into which she cannot go

The world of the enchanted

She aims

And releases

The pointed arrow hits with a thud

And a loud screeching neigh

Approaching the source of the sound

She finds the arrow wedged into a tree

Pinned to that tree

A few strands of snow white hair

Once again she has failed

To acquire he most enchanted creature of all time


Said to heal

The goodhearted

And to give


To the evilhearted

Who dares kill the most powerful yet innocent creature

Known as

The Unicorn

The girl with the turquoise hair realizes

After all these years of pursuing

As she pulls the arrow and thin white strands from the tree

That a creature of such power should not be destroyed

She is ashamed of what she has almost achieved

And gently bows her head towards the cave

She whispers,

“Ego sum rumex, enchanted unus”

“I am sorry, enchanted one.”

As she begins to leave the forest

It strikes her

What was the shadow that startled it?

Out of the corner of her eye she sees a shadow quickly disappear

It looked as if it was a figure of an old woman

With silver eyes

And graying turquoise hair


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