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Welcome to Alicia Lynch’s blog!

Alicia is a writer and editor of fiction literature from Pepperell, MA. Graduating this past May from Fitchburg State University, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Professional Writing, and a minor in Art. She has been an editor of FSU’s online newspaper The Point as well as an editor of FSU’s online literary magazine, Detour. She currently works in retail at Bath and Body Works in Nashua, NH until she finds a job in publishing. Her hobbies include writing whimsical short stories and heart-wrenching poetry, dancing both in a performance setting and when she’s home alone, reading anything in the science fiction and fantasy genre, doing yoga with her dog, Baby, and painting.

This blog includes Alicia’s writing portfolio, as well as book reviews and random rants related to literature or the writing process. She hopes you will enjoy reading this blog as much as she enjoys producing it!

Please feel free to contact Alicia via email at arose739@gmail.com.

Also – if you have a Pinterest, you can follow her at Alynchfiction.

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