Do you believe in me?

I do not know

All I know is who I hope to be

I must become on my own


Let me test my strength

Let the world rest on my back

And see to what length

I can carry it


If I am crushed

You can tell me “I told you so”


But even then I would not regret trying

Because it will have made me stronger

Instead you stand overlying

To protect me, to aid me

But in truth I am dying


I am dying to feel capable

Soon enough I will be on my own

And the whips of the world are inescapable

They will find me when I am alone


Then what will I do?

When you are not there to save me

You know what I say is true

But still you do everything for me

Like I am still the babe who used to coo


All I ask for is a chance

I want to prove to you, and to myself

That I can assume the proper stance

To bear the tempests of the earth

And to find my own power

Of some worth


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